Project goal

Import icecat Live data into Magento catalog using magmi importer by cronjob

What's Icecat

Icecat ( ) is the widest product datasheets repository in Europe. Icecat provide a set of service to import products images and datasheet into erp and ecommerce website.

Our module works with the Icecat Live JSON version of Icecat web services.

How the module works

Our module uses the fastest way to import products data into magento: Magmi magento mass importer. For every new product loaded into magento you need to specify only the basic informations and Ean. If you will use one of our supplier csv importer modules, we can create a new product only with ean and sku, the other mandatory and optional data will be downloaded from icecat.

Attributes to create on Magento before importing

Assuming ean attribute is already present on magento, we will have to add the following attributes

“icecat” Type: Text, Scope: store, all other fields No, Use in product listing: Yes

“link_manual”: Type: Text, Scope: store, all other fields No

The first attribute will be used to set a flag when product is already downloaded from icecat

The link_manual is the product PDF User Manual link from icecat.

Many other attributes can be added and imported from icecat depending on the kind of products to be imported. Our module can work on products on attributes added after the first import too, so you can add or remove attributes on specific products as you want.

Flat tables

The astounding performances in product update are reached by the use of magento flat tables.

For each store, for each language configured in magento, our module can import localized informations from icecat at the rate of 150 items per minute.

This task includes for each product: Call to icecat webservice, converting JSON in csv data, write data to csv file, import the whole file into magmi.

Seo optimization

The product imported from icecat incudes meta_title and meta_description attribute to assure the best seo performance of your product pages.

Magento System Configuration

Magento system configuration will let you specify the Application Key released by icecat to access their web service;

The store to link to the specific icecat language (i.e. English → en, French → fr);

Flat table to use for the stores;

Shopname (icecat account id);

Magmi user;

Magmi password;

Custom Style and Responsive Product Description

To give maximum flexibility to the magento template designers, we separated the css style for product description table. Customize this css is really simple and give you the freedom to change the style to adapt the table to the template look and feel or as you like.

The product description table is completly responsive giving the best exeperience to your customer even if browsing from Tablet or Smartphone.

Product Not found on Icecat

There are some products not found on Icecat? Don't worry, our module will discard this products when importing the whole database the first time, than will continue to try to import them until icecat will make datasheet available.


Our module works using internal Magento cronjob. It will try do download product datasheet and images as soon as they will be inserted into magento.